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It’s a bug life and it is getting quite difficult

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Changing tune of the grasshopper: Insects have altered distinctive ‘song’ to cope with traffic noise.
The bugs boost the lower frequency sounds in the ‘song’, made by rubbing their hind legs against their wings, so they can be heard amid the din.
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American President Illustrations

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As president Lincoln has already made an on screen appearance as vampire hunter, here are some collection of illustrations of various American president’s reimagined by Artist Jason Heuser at his deviant art gallery worth taking a look
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Health Hazard: Sitting

Moment Matters

Sitting too long is apparently killing you.

Sure, we exercise regularly. We limit the indulgence and eat the right foods. Those are good healthy habits, but it’s not enough. According to UK researchers, sitting too long is risking you diabetes, heart disease and even death. That is regardless of your exercise.

This study also asserts that Americans spend 60-70% of their time sitting. Before you deny this, evaluate yourself. Do you sit when you eat? Do you sit when you use your computer? Do you sit when you watch your shows? Yeah, I think we do a lot of sitting.

Is this implying that we should stand when we do these activities? Yes, and it’s not a bad thing. I wrote this post standing up, and ideas come smoother when I pace around.

All we do now is contrary to the men who lived in a cave. They…

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