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Online movies are on the rise. In 2012, people are expected to watch movies online rather than watching it on DVD. Will the DVD industry die out in 2012?

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Innovative Phone Manual

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London based Vitamins (design and invention studio) has come up with this very innovative, easy and simple to use phone manual for Samsung, they have won Interaction Award 2012 for best concept, check out the vid

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Abusing 3G connection in Russia can win you a vacation








You may stand to win a vacation if you abuse your 3G connection in Russia, an operator by the name MegaFon is rewarding it’s consumers with $5,000 worth holiday for the highest data usage between Nov 1 2011 to Jan 31 2012, a customer won this contest within just week of buying his connection.

MegaFon is running contests to handout prizes worth $33,000. I wonder if any such contests can ever come up in a market like India which is currently battling to come out of the 2G scam mess and operators struggling to push 3G adoption with mass telecom market. Indications are on the way that call prices would go northwards with some operators that may get left out and competition suddenly going low.

and this article from TheNextWeb quotes that MegaFon actually adheres to unlimited as unlimited data plan rather than too many “conditions apply” plans that exist in America/Europe and India as well.


Kinect Hack:Video Manipulation










Watch this cool Kinect Hack that demonstrates the video manipulation technology shown in the movie Minority Report, Future is not too far away anyways

Evolution of Entertainment













The infamous reference to television as idiot box is fast disappearing visible from the range unveiled at CES 2012, Samsung has Smart TVs with dual core CPUs, cameras and more..

Is it smart getting smarter? or do we really need to pack too much into our television to satisfy our hunger for entertainment?

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LCD sales nosediving for Sony

Sony to sell stake in LCD venture to Samsung for $940 million.

Samsung Teases Android-Controlled Smart TVs For CES 2012


Samsung is planning to integrate it’s SmartTv platform to Android or maybe Google TV service.