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Reviving the Departed – Second Life

I came across an interesting article today which is kind of geeky but has an emotional touch too. It deals with the biggest fear we have for ourselves and our loved ones – ‘Death’

People say that the memories of our loved ones stay forever in our hearts but the evolution of AI technology has opened up an opportunity to resurrect the departed soul into their digital self.Sci-Fi movies always had some stories in movies like Star Wars, Superman etc. where characters would interact with holographic projections of a dead relative or another character from the story.

This story is about Roman Mazurenko and I learnt that he was startup founder of Stampsy service which I had also used during its initial launch phase, his friend Eugenia Kuyda has collected all possible data available from Roman’s digital life to create his bot.
This kind of technology may help us overcome grief or it may make us delusional about the concept of death itself leading us to taking help of technology to hide our feeling of loss and loneliness. What do you think readers?