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Smart parenting sans smart technology = SMART kids

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All modern age parents deal with varied challenges in bringing up their children, working parents and growing trend of nuclear families in India along with growing influence of technology and gadgets in our daily lives requires a balanced approach towards parenting which can be quiet a tight rope walk.

Here’s an interesting article highlighting factors parents should consider while raising their children,

Children perform better at building their language skills when parents make an effort reading out aloud on a daily basis, stories etc, rather than sitting in front of a TV and watching educational videos on DVD’s.

Tossing gadgets and mobiles to kids may help parents pacify them for a while, but if this habit takes a form of an addiction it is hard to reverse those effects, as parents we try to make a concious effort for our 4 year kid finding ways of keeping him engaged to his toys, allowing him to draw any random stuff on a slate, his coloring books etc. making sure he gets 1-2 hours playing time in the garden or outside the home in evening every alternate day in the week

It is hard to keep kids away from gadgets these days, that is why we allow our kid to fiddle with our mobile or tablet for some time in the evening, as parents we may not hit all the checklists right, however the maximum you can score helps your child anyways

Refer the link below for further reading, a must for every parent

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